Tornado Season: What You Need to Know

If you live in an area that is affected by tornado season, you need to read up on tornado safety. Today we’re going over some things you need to know about tornado season. Remember, it’s better to study up now and be prepared than to get caught unawares when a tornado touches down nearby!

Tornado Season

When is Tornado Season?

Tornado season is usually between the months of April and June. While any region can experience tornadoes, they are most common in “Tornado Alley,” a group of states ranging from Texas to North Dakota, cutting through the Midwest and into parts of the Southeast and near the Great Lakes.

Why Does Tornado Season Occur?

Tornadoes are more common in the Spring due to the nature of how they form. Tornadoes require powerful storm cells in order to form. Those storm cells are powered by temperature and pressure differentials between the ground and the atmosphere.

In short, when warm weather heats the ground and groundwater and bodies of water evaporate, they cause updrafts. These updrafts become clouds. If these updrafts are strong enough, they can cause cool air from the atmosphere to circle around lower, resulting in a spiraling storm cell. If this cell spins fast enough and gathers enough power, it can touch down as a tornado.

Safety Tips

Make sure you study up on tornado safety tips. Keep a battery-powered radio and an emergency kit on hand, and make sure you stay on the lookout for weather reports during tornado season. Importantly, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for tornado-like conditions so you know when to seek shelter.

For instance, if the sky takes on a yellow or green tint, or if you see a wall of clouds in the distance, these could be signals of an approaching tornado. Other warning signs could include hailstones falling, but no rain, or a loud roaring sound like a freight train.

If you are caught in the path of a tornado, seek shelter in the lowest story of the nearest building. Get as far from any windows as you can and get low, covering your head with your hands and curling into a ball. Wait for the tornado to pass before exiting your shelter.


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